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Is Your Aging Parent Aging YOU?

There is absolutely NO way that someone who has not taken care of an aging/sick parent will ever know how demanding, gut-wrenching and time-consuming it is.

Words cannot express how chaotic a time it can be, as well. And in many ways, our society has not made sufficient accomodations for the kind of upside-downness that can occur as a result.  Ever try to push a transport chair through double-doors?

At the same time, how blessed I've been to be able to be at home with my mother and "take her here" and "take her there," including endless trips to the doctor and at least three hospital stays.  I'm now a master of the hospital "sleepover."

It is therefore extremely important to take time for yourself and build in self-care breaks so that you don't crash and burn in the process.

As your coach, I will be there to hear you, motivate you, and inspire you.  I will help you develop strategies to cope on the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical side of things.

If you also own a business or have just started a business I can help you on that side, too.  You'll need solid busness development strategies to see you through and I have a proven, iron-clad program designed just for that purpose.

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