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The Caregiver's Concierge
ANNOUNCING a much needed service for Caregivers!

FOR JUST $25 A DAY, the Concierge Call will do the following:

Call your loved one three times a day for a five-to-seven minute check-in call.

This service is is ideal when:

      - You're going to be out of town for several days

      - You're in an all-day meeting

      - You have a particularly hectic schedule on any given day

      - You're in transit and cannot easily get to a phone.

      - Your loved one is able to take of herself or himself, you just need just someone to help fill in the "gap" of your absence with phone calls.

JUST IMAGINE! Wouldn't it be nice to know that someone will call your parent not just to check in with them but also to engage in a five-to-seven minute conversation to brighten their day? A phone call that will make them feel remembered and not forgotten? Loved and not lonely?

If you would like to purchase this service, please call Paula Quick at 804-363-5721 to discuss the details of your particular situation. If it agreed that the Concierge Call will be be an appropriate fit, you will be sent a simple agreement and directed to a secure PayPal purchasing page.

Note: this call pre-supposes that your loved one is able to safely get to a phone and does not have major mental or physical impediments. Quick Works Wellness, LLC is not responsible if your loved one is not able to get to the phone in a timely manner to receive the call.

NURTURE THE NURTURER, a mini private spa retreat, consists of Reflexology, simple self-care techniques and much, much more for the caregiver.

It will provide you a much needed break from your caregiving duties so you're less prone to burn-out, stress and illness.

90 minutes: $85

Questions? Call Paula Quick at 804-363-5721.  To purchase click here.